TEBIO - Sustainable bio-based surfactants
Annonce n° : 8414

Du 04 juillet 2019 au 05 juillet 2019
Lieu : PARIS
Nombre approximatif de visiteurs attendus : 250
Présence d'exposants (matériels / réactifs ) : OUI
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We use surfactants on a daily basis and the quantities consumed increase with the rise of the population and human activity. Detergents, particularly with hygiene products (detergents, shampoos, toothpastes...) and industrial products (degreasing, oil extraction, agriculture, etc.) are the two largest users of surfactants. More than 15 million tones are used each year and environmental problems are a real societal issue because they are found in our wastewater treatment plants, rivers and oceans. Extensive water treatment is therefore required to collect wastewater, treat it, and send it back clean into the wild or give it a second life. The environmental issues due to surfactants (biodegradability, eutrophication, toxicity, allergies) have led to increased research and development of novel Bio-surfactants.

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Contact : Danielle Lando
Tél. : 01 57 42 34 61
Email : adebiotech@adebiotech.org
Web : adebiotech.org/tebio/

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